Saturday, April 25, 2015

Project #12

Here is our Smart Board project. We are presenting a second grade lesson plan on cloud types. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blog Post #5 part b

I have accumulated many resources throughout this course. I put together my Personal Learning Network on a Symbaloo page here for you to see.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Blog Post #13

What did you leave out?

Discuss how to handle health difficulties that come with technology. For example, many people get sick or nauseous from staring at computer screens for a long period of time. As well, a large population of people are triggered into sever migraines by computers. Migraines typically start at the age of 7 or 8 years old.

Remember in the 90's when we were told NOT to use computers because of eye health, posture, and various other health reasons. Discuss ergonomics and other things you can do to prevent negative health effects on your students.

Blue light filters installed on computers or apps downloaded on iPads can be beneficial to help with eye restraint and prevent migraines from triggering.

Ergonomics can help prevent carpal tunnel and back problems.

How can you modify your technology for students with health problems triggered by monitors and how can you prevent health problems developed from using technology?

This website talks about many ways you can keep good health while using a computer.

You can search many sites like this one on ergonomics in the classroom. You can purchase specific keyboards and wrist wrests to prevent carpal tunnel. Proper posture and seating prevents back problems.

For students with migraines you can install blue light filters. However, that typically does not help if the exposure time is more than 10-15 minutes. Students with these types of medical conditions should be allowed to use other methods of doing work including paper and pencil, using library sources to find information, and being teamed up with a partner who can do the screen work while the other student does any preparation work not required on the computer.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

C4T #5

Honestly, I am not sure if I am ahead or behind one. I spoke to another classroom that has the same problem. We think the schedule might have gotten off for C4T as we are told to post for our second comment this week. However, we are only in our first comment of this series. We decided to just do two blog posts this week and hope it works out!

This week I read about how use of technology can effect the classroom. In Connected Principals they spoke about walking into a teachers classroom and seeing posters about "geniushour" and other various details that encouraged different styles of learning. The teachers that walked into this classroom asked each other if they thought the teacher of this classroom was on Twitter. They both agreed he was because they could see the influence displayed in this classroom set up. When they asked the educator of the classroom he said he did get some resources from Twitter but was not online so much. This blog discussed that having resources through the internet opens up a teachers ability and mind to share with their students. There is basically no excuse not to have a resource because you can get almost anything through the internet.

The blog on Connected Principals was all about smiles! This principal really did a self evaluation and realized his days were starting off looking to settle problems and answer emails. Instead he decided to spend the first 30 minutes of his day looking for smiles! Of course, he lost count immediately as his students walked by ready start a new day. He says:
There is so much beauty in the run of a school day that it will make your head spin…change your habits so you allow yourself the opportunity to revel in it…schools are the most beautiful places on earth if you open your eyes,
I completely agree with this statement. This principal also addressed the connotation of the principals office being a bad place. Instead of having teachers send their students to his office for punishments, he had them send them to his office for praise! Students were excited to get sent to the office because they were celebrated for their achievements! What a wonderful idea! I very much enjoy this blog and hope to continue reading and gathering ideas for my future classrooms.

C4K April

Today I read a blog by Luke H. I really enjoyed the topic of this blog. Luke told us that he thinks students should be allowed to chose if they want to learn through online classes at home or go to school. He chose online classes. He brought up some very good points! He notices that he does not pay attention or focus as well early in the morning when school starts because he is still tired. He also feels the same way about being hungry. Luke would like to sleep in later and be able to snack throughout the day so that he can focus better on his school work. Luke said he thinks kids, not just adults, should be allowed to take online classes.

I wrote a sort of lengthy response because I got so excited about his post. I told Luke how I agree with his two concerns of focus and that some schools try to address those issues with rotating class schedules and snack times. I also told him that a lot of my classes are online and my main concern is that I can get sick if I look at a computer screen too long and there are many other people that do too. I reminded Luke the difference between "your" and "you're" as he misused it and congratulated him on writing such a wonderful post!

Nadia wrote a blog about her bucket list. She included items like having a relationship, getting her license, graduating college, and my favorite, making a quilt for her house. I asked Nadia if that is a family tradition or if she had any reason why she wanted to make a quilt for her home. Nadia also wrote on her 5 year, 10 year, and life bucket list that she wants to "be happy". I think that is something we all should strive for!

In Luke H's blog he discussed how he would run a restaurant. He decided that he would offer many different varieties of food on different days such as Chinese food on Tuesdays and Mexican on Wednesdays. I told Luke I would love to eat there on Tuesdays! Luke also mentioned that he would ask his customers after every meal how he could improve and then make changes based off of that. I stated that I think that is a fabulous idea. 

For Dakota's blog he also wrote about his bucket list. Dakota mentioned a few things like getting a tattoo, owning a restaurant, and visiting Alaska. I told Dakota I think it is awesome that he wants to have his own business and asked if he wanted to live in Alaska or just see it. Dakota also said he wants to visit the John Hanson French Immersion.

Blog Post #12

Our group did a Symbaloo page to display the resources we found that aid deaf and blind students through assistive technology. I found 14 of the links out of the 27. Mercedi made the Symbaloo page and Traci helped her. They also found a couple sources together. We sort of independently found resources and loaded them to our pages.

Visit our Symbaloo page featuring assitive technology for the deaf and blind.

I made another Google slide I wanted to add but got very sick this week and was unable to complete it in time. I still have to upload me speaking and signing to it. I will try to add that later if you want to come back and take a look! I adore sign language and deaf culture! I am actually looking at going into deaf education. South Alabama has a sign language program and here are a few photos from one of the times we got to sign the National Anthem!
Photo from Sarah Sanders
"Rockets red glare"

Photo from Sarah Sanders